Willamette Mainstreet

Willamette is a small town in Colorado. Willamette is the setting for the video game 'Dead Rising'. The majority of the game takes place in the town's mall. Willamette is a small town that is surrounded on all sides by farmland and hills. In september of 2006, Willamette was attacked by terrorist Carlito Keyes, and his younger sister, Isabela Keyes. The two infected the town with the Ampulex Compressa Giganteus species, turning them into zombies to get revenge on the American people for a similar incident that occured in Santa Cabeza. Law and order was lost and the police force was eventually destroyed. The remaining survivors of the attack were rescued and evacuated by special forces. After the 2006 Williamette incident, the Willamette act was put in force to prevent the virus from spreading. The towns population before the 2006 outbreak was 53,594 citizens.

Photos Edit


Willamette 'parkview mall' with over 79 stores.


a street


many buildings


willamette mall from the air


near a playground


Sycamore street


near a Tornado gas station


Willamette from the air

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