Right outside the city

San Fransokyo is a Fictional city featured in the Disney movie 'Big Hero 6'. The city is an alternate history where the 1906 Earthquake in San Fransisco Is rebuilt by Japanese immigrants resulting in renaming and A combination in architecture. Built on the Pacific US coast, the city is highly resistant to earthquakes. San Fransokyo is also home of Illegal Bot fighting often in dark alleys. A dominant company is Krei Tech which started the events in the early 2000s where Callaghans daughter was lost in a portal and seeker revenge on Krei tech who built the portal testing time travel. Soon a young hero arose and formed a team of heros from freinds (the Big Hero 6). The city is a thriving metropolis with many combos like the San Fransisco Trolleys and the Golden Gate made to look like a Japanese temple and Anime blimps and more. San Fransokyo is at its best at night.

Photos Edit


Overhead view


San FRansokyo bridge


1 of 3 cable car models in The city.


The docks


The Krei tech building that houses San Fransokyo university


Streets. The second cable car is shown here. This is a residential area.


1 of the many posters. the 3rd upperclass cable car is on it.

Sanf ran

Greeting card




San Fransokio police HQ.

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