Millsburg, Arkansas, is a rural town in Arkansas, presumably around or near Benton, in the United States on planet Earth, and is the main setting for the 1996 drama Sling Blade.


Not much is known about the town's history except for a significant and infamous event in 1971 when a woman named Mrs. Childers and her teenage lover Jesse Dixon were both murdered by the former's mentally challenged twelve year old Karl Childers; Mrs. and Jesse knew each other due to Jesse's elderly father being her husband Mr. Childers' boss at a local saw mill. Karl was taken to the state mental hospital where he would spend the next 25 years of his life, while Mr. Childers presumably had a mental breakdown and became a paranoid shut-in. Hoochie's Convenience Store was built in the town in 1979. Karl Childers gained infamy in the town once more in 1996, when, just a mere couple of weeks after his release, killed local abusive construction worker Doyle Hargraves, and was once again sent to the state hospital, presumably for the rest of his life this time.

Places in the townEdit

  • The town had a school district where twelve year old Frank Wheatley and his friends would play football, and they once invited Karl to play with them.
  • Police Station - This was filled with several corrupt cops, many of whom were friends with Doyle Hargraves and let him, and possibly others, get away with drunk driving and abuse. The police force in 1996 was headed by Chief J.D. Shelnutt.
  • Frostee Cream - Similar to its real-life counterpart Dairy Queen, and is the most popular fast food restaurant in town; it has at least one employee, Deke. Karl enjoys the eatery's French fries (or as he calls them, "French fried potaters").
  • Laundromat
  • The Wheatley House - Where the murder of Hargraves occurred.
  • Bill Cox Engine Repair - Karl worked here during his release; in addition to him and the manager, Cox, another employee was Shorty.
  • Hoochie's Convenience Store - Managed by Vaughn Cunningham, and had at least two other employees, Linda Wheatley, and Melinda, who went on a date with Karl.
  • A Dentist's office - Frank's girlfriend was the daughter of the local dentist.
  • Doyle Hargraves Construction Company - Headed by Hargraves; presumably shut down after his murder.
  • Doyle Hargraves' house - He lived here and this is where he would cheat on Linda.
  • A funeral home - Managed by Albert, who was lovers with Vaughn.
  • The Cunningham house - Vaughn Cunningham lived here, and sometimes his boyfriend Albert. Frank and Linda stayed with him at Karl's request the night of Doyle's killing.
  • The Childers house - Karl's father continued to live here.
  • Dixon Saw Mill - Unknown if it's still open.
  • Near the town was a forest with a river, where Frank and Karl would hang out.
  • In addition, the state mental hospital is about twenty miles away from the town.