Hawkins, Indiana, is a town in Roane County, Indiana, in the United States on planet Earth, and is the main setting for the Netflix sleeper hit Stranger Things.


Hawkins was a simple little town where nothing really happened; a person disappeared here in 1923, and another person committed suicide in 1961. Hawkins National Laboratory was built near the town in the 1950's. Everything changed, however, in November of 1983, when several paranormal and bizarre events connected to a parallel dimension began to occur in the town, events that continued into November of 1984, and still may be continuing to this day.


Not including the laboratory staff, as they may have lived elsewhere.

  • The Wheeler Family
    • Ted Wheeler, the patriarch
    • Karen Wheeler, the matriarch
    • Nancy Wheeler, daughter, born 1967
    • Mike Wheeler, son, born 1971
    • Holly Wheeler, daughter, born 1980
  • The Byers family
    • Joyce Byers, matriarch
    • Jonathan Byers, son, born 1967
    • Will Byers, son, born 1971
    • Lonnie Byers lived here before he and Joyce divorced; he since moved to Indianapolis.
  • The Henderson family
    • Claudia Henderson, the matriarch
    • Dustin Henderson, son, born 1971
    • Mr. Henderson, presumed divorced from Claudia.
  • The Sinclair family
    • Mr. Sinclair
    • Mrs. Sinclair
    • Lucas Sinclair, son, born 1971
    • Erica Sinclair, daughter, born 1970's
  • The Hargrove-Mayfield family
    • Neil Hargrove, patriarch
    • Susan Mayfield-Hargrove
    • Billy Hargrove, son, born 1967
    • Max Mayfield, stepdaughter, born 1971
  • Chief Jim Hopper
  • Steve Harrington
  • Troy & James
  • Tommy H. & Carol
  • Barbara Holland (deceased)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Holland
  • Benny Hammond (deceased)
  • Donald Melvald
  • Officer Powell
  • Officer Callahan
  • Florence
  • Scott Clarke