Arendelle is the main setting in the movie Frozen. It is where Elsa and Anna reside in the 1780s. The Town is the capitol of the 'Kingdom of Arendelle' also fictional. The town is located in Norway. The castle was closed off for 13 years because the princess Elsa could not control her new found powers of ice. In Elsas coronation as queen, she unintenionally releases her powers and runs away from Arendelle, Prince Hans (part of another kingdom) takes over. In the end Anna saves Elsa and They banish Hans, who tried to betray them to take control of Arendelle kingdom. Arrendelle tranlates to 'Eagle Valley'. Also one of Walt Disneys sons was Arundel Disney so a possible naming inspiration.

Photos Edit


The official crest of Arendelle.


Arendelle from farther away


Arendelle at night.


Arendelle covered in Elsa's ice.


The bay is frozen too


The main area of Arendelle.


Arendelle castle

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